The most difficult washing machine delivery in the world – OK then; one of the most difficult!

Many of us who have the luxury of owning a washing machine don’t really think much about the whole purchasing process unless there’s a hiccup, and even those are usually quickly resolved. We walk into a white goods store, chose a machine that meets our needs and within a few short days or even hours, the machine is delivered and installed without our having to lift a finger. Well, except maybe to point out the spot where we want it to go! If we’re lucky we’d have been offered free delivery and even a buy now pay later interest-free option to take care of the financial burden.

For the monks at Phajoding, however, who recently received a generous donation for the purchase of these washing machines, the similarities with our process end after the selection.

Lama Namgay recently took these photos of the mammoth effort required to deliver and install a washing machine at Phajoding Monastery. As they say a picture speaks a thousand words – Enjoy!

Picking up the 2 washing machines from the store (the easy part!).


The washing machines are dropped off at the bottom of the trail to Phajoding Monastery. Hiking up the trail usually takes a fit person 3 hours with nothing to carry.


The monks take it in turns to carry the washing machines up the steep mountain trail to Phajoding. Each washing machine weighs in at approximately 45kg! It takes them over 5 hours to reach their destination.


We made it! All the monks are there to greet the washing machines and their bearers on arrival. 90% of the monks at Phajoding only saw a washing machine for the first time this year!

And just when the monks thought that their lives were about to get a whole lot easier… wood needs carrying up the mountain to build the shelter that will house the 2 new washing machines.

The laundry is nearing completion and the washing machines are already in use.


The end result.


A BIG thank-you must go to Lorraine from the USA for the purchase of these washing machines. Your ongoing support, encouragement and generosity towards the humanitarian need at Phajoding Monastery is greatly appreciated by everyone. Let’s hope that the monks have recovered from all their hard work and won’t be needing another washing machine for a very long time.

One thought on “The most difficult washing machine delivery in the world – OK then; one of the most difficult!

  1. We should have realized after reading this post that how lucky we are. Now a day, we don’t even need to get out from our house, we can get everything “online”.

    What installation?!!

    Have we not paid the premium cost for “plug and play”?

    Not working?!!

    Go online, type – Still don’t need to get out from the house. Lucky us.

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