Improve the monks’ living conditions

The monks live in the most basic of conditions. On-going government funding constraints mean that this situation will not change any time soon.

Since Phajoding is situated at an altitude of 3,650 metres above sea level, for a large part of the year the monks live in an extremely cold and challenging climate.

The most immediate needs which we will be raising money for are:

  • Heating and renovating the monk’s bedrooms – partially completed thanks to the generosity of Mr Eddie, The Ho Foundation & Mr Stefan of GlobalLimits, Germany.
  • A new dining hall – able to be completed thanks to the support of Nature, Recreation & Ecotourism Division (NRED) and the Australian High Commission, New Delhi
  • A hot water tap, sink & geyser for the new dining room – $500 USD
  • An additional class room – $15,000 USD
  • A library to house both Buddhist & English books – $20,000 USD
  • Library shelving & furniture – $5,000 USD
  • A new monk dormitory to house the newly arriving monks – $50,000 USD
  • Repair of the hot water geysers – $1,500 USD
  • English reading books – on-going need

(Please note: Since Phajoding is located 3 hours walk from the road, the cost of transporting materials greatly increases the cost of building) For those who wish to offer a monetary donation to improve the monks’ living conditions, please follow the instructions below and make sure you tag your deposit with your surname (unless of course you wish to remain anonymous) Please also email us your name, postal address and amount donated to so we can personally acknowledge your kind offer.

  1. From an overseas bank account:

    Your bank will use their own correspondent bank to send funds to Bhutan (USD account). Please note : if your currency is not USD, the international division of your bank will convert your currency into USD before it is transferred.

    Please provide the following details to your bank:

    Bhutan National Bank GPO Building, Chang Lam – Thimphu, BHUTAN BNBTBTBT 5000046542027 Phajoding Monastery, Thimphu – BHUTAN

  2. From a bank in Bhutan or India:

    Bhutan National Bank GPO Building, Chang Lam – Thimphu, BHUTAN Improve the monks’ living conditions 5000046542027

One thought on “Improve the monks’ living conditions

  1. Just because they believe ín the most basic way of life does not mean they have to freeze. If every think and live like them then the world will be a much better place. God bless the monks.

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