New toilet and wash block unveiled !

Lama Namgay and Khenpo Chimi Dorji have kept this under wraps for a while but now that the building works are complete they are proud to show off the end result.

Well before the Phajoding Monstery Project was launched, Lama Namgay received a generous donation from an American friend of his (Lorraine) who was appalled at the state of the toilet block and wash area when she visited Phajoding earlier this year. She desperately wanted to see a more hygienic and inviting area for the monks however more money was needed on top of her donation to complete the renovations so he approached the Tourism Council of Bhutan for assistance. They gladly agreed to help out and over the past 6 months this amazing transformation (which can be seen in the before and after photos) has taken place. The building now includes 3 hot water heaters, 3 washbasins and 3 toilets and a place for the second washing machine too!

Appreciation also needs to be given to the Bhutanese builders whom the Tourism Council of Bhutan employed to undertake this work. They not only had to renovate the existing building but had to carry all the building materials up the mountain which was a mammoth task given that most struggle without a load ! Also during their stay at Phajoding they became part of the Phajoding family, eating with the monks and regularly joining in their football matches. They will be sorely missed by all but hopefully they’ll be back in the not too distant future !

The monks of Phajoding would like to express their sincerest thanks to everyone involved in improving their living conditions, especially before the onset of winter. Just goes to show that amazing things can happen when we partner with like-minded individuals and throw a bit of compassion, sharing and trust in the mix!

The outside of the toilet block before the renovation

The inside of the toilet block before the renovation


A place for the 2nd washing machine donated by Lorraine

The finished product !

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