Kuzuzanpo la from Khenpo Chimi Dorji

Kuzuzangpo la (hello) ! I am Chimi Dorji, Principal of Phajoding Monastery. This monastery is very sacred and holy monastery and also it has the biggest number of temples in one monastery in the whole Bhutan. It is also a famous meditation centre and the highest buddhist institute in Bhutan until 14 or 15 years ago. Since then, once other monasteries which is near the town got road access, then slowly these monasteries became developed and unfortunately this monastery started becoming dilapidated because there is no road access. I wanted to retire from Phajoding because of the bad living conditions, but Lopen Namgay requested me to live here saying “lets consolidate this holy monastery together” so I decided to live here.

To develop this monastery, we need help and for that Lopen Namgay has set up a web site with the help of Sasha from Australia whom became my good friend now. She is helping us all the time and putting her kind effort for our monastery and all the monks here. So I want to thank her so much and also I want to thank all the friends who joined in our web site specially who advised us and who gave donations. The American lady Lorraine came to Phajoding to see the conditions of this monastery even though it is difficult for her to climb up and she was so shocked and sad to see the condition here. I thank her very much also.

All the friends please keep in touch with us all the time through the facebook page and our website and twitter page and hopefully one day we can develop this monastery with many monks and nice living conditions with your help and hoping to see you at Phajoding monastery one day also.

The high lama of Phajoding (Yanglop) who has meditated here for past 20 years also wants to tell you thank you. He is now 86 years old and is famous in the whole of Bhutan not just because he was before one of the 5 high lamas in Bhutan but also because it is said that he has some special powers and does a particular meditation so he can quickly walk up to Phajoding in 1 hour when it takes a normal person 3 hours. Recently somebody wrote in the newspaper that he can go up to Phajoding like he is riding on air.

Here is a photo of me with the High Lama.

Tashi Delek, Chimi Dorji

Khenpo Chimi Dorji with the High Lama of Phajoding


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