Happy New Year everyone!

Hello everyone,

Since all the monks have finished their final year exams they would all like to wish all our supporters a New Year with deep levels of happiness and good fortune. We have all been so amazed with all the support and encouragement we have received from people from all around the world over the past year. From people who have come and visited us here and also from people who haven’t. From people known to us and also from anonymous donors. We are so grateful and touched by your concern and support without it we would not have been able to be as warm as we have been or the monks would not have been able to study as well as they have.

This has shown us that we are all human beings that all want happiness and to avoid suffering. We have been lucky enough to receive help in the form of financial donations as well as useful material gifts which have made our lives better and happier. People who have supported us have also told us by letter and email that they have gained something which is the satisfaction of being able to help others. Really, when we analyse, we are all part of the same family and it’s so nice to help each other. Even some of our supporters have been concerned about our animals like our horses and dogs and have offered money to buy food for them. This is so heart warming and is important as we shouldn’t forget our fellow animals too.

So what we would like to say is that though we can’t offer much in the way of financial or material wealth, you all are in our daily prayers – this is our small offering to you all.

We hope you are liking to hear all the news from Phajoding either through our Facebook page, website or twitter page. Thank you so much for being supportive of us and we look forward to sharing with you what is happening at Phajoding in 2014.

With deepest gratitude,

Khenpo Chimi Dorji, Khenpo Tshering Dorji & Lopen Namgay on behalf of all the monks at Phajoding Monastery, Bhutan.

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