Descending day (Lhabab Duechen)

Today we are celebrating Buddha’s descending day (Lhabab Duechen) that happens on the 22nd day of the ninth month of the Tibetan calendar. 7 days after Lord Buddha was born his mother passed away and after his enlightenment at age of 35 he realized that his mother was born in Tushita heaven (the realm of divas), which is still part of Samsara (the cycle of birth, death and rebirth). He went there to teach his mother when he was 41 years old so she could break free from Samsara because he wanted to repay her kindness towards him. Today is the day when he came back to earth from visiting his mother. On this day all effects of our actions, positive and negative, are multiplied millions and millions of times. So friends, please do virtuous things and be kind to each other.

This day makes us think of the kindness of our mother. It teaches us how to show gratitude towards our mother because whether our mother is nice or bad, imagine how much our mother took care of us when we were young.

Our mother was concerned with us even when we were in her womb.

We were cleaned and washed by her many times.

We were fed milk from our mothers’ breast for many months.

We were carried nine months in our mothers’ womb and many years on her back or in her arms.

We were rocked to sleep when we were crying by our mother.

Our mother cared so much for us and we should repay this kindness in whatever way.

If we thank others even for a cup of tea; why do we not thank our mother who did such things for us?

So, if our current mother is helpful and deserves our gratitude logically why do we not feel this way to all the sentient beings, who have been our mothers in our limitless past lives.

If all the sentient beings had been our mothers, why don’t we care about others even when we see, hear, experience others sufferings personally.

If all the mother beings are suffering there is no point to be happy just by ones self if these mothers have cared for us numberless times when we were a young baby in many life times.

So today I hope that we have at least been able to think about the kindness of our mother and treat all sentient beings as if they are our mothers.

Thank you,

Namgay Tenzin


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  1. This article has lead us toward another level of love toward our mother and to the others. It is very well written and and elaborate love from a different angle. Thank you.

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