Buddhist words of wisdom from Lama Namgay

Recently, Lama Namgay has been posting some buddhist words of wisdom on the Phajoding Monastery Project’s Facebook page. For those who are not on Facebook we have decided to share these words with you.

On Compassion:

Dear friends,

“as we are all human beings, we all have potential to live with compassion. the true compassion is cause of real happiness. the true compassion is wishing other beings be happy and be free from suffering like how we are wishing for ourselves. but many in our world have lost their happiness due to a lack of seeing their inner gold of compassion.

everybody has potential to have pure compassionate for all the sentient beings but we are poor of compassion because we fail to realize that we have already the gold of compassion within us.like someone who has gold under his house is poor until he realizes he has the gold under his house.the more we try to practice compassion the more we will become rich in happiness.

so friends, lets try to make effort to live with compassion”. Namgay. Tenzin.

On gaining happiness:

Dear friends,

“All the things and beings in this world are just combined things. I will talk about a car because I admire cars!! For example: A “car” which we call a car is made up of many things coming together like the steering wheel, the engine, the glass windows, the seats and the body. But our mind grabs onto that car and wants a car because we think that it exists inherently as a whole thing by itself, that’s why when we have nice car we are happy and when we lost it, it makes us unhappy. Similarly, our mind grabs very tightly to our self – the “I” as if we exist inherently. But if we investigate deeply, there is no “I” we just named ourselves “I” but really we are all things combined like head, legs, eyes, hands, nose and ears etc……..so all the things which are combined are impermanent/changing and empty of inherent existence. So the nature of everything is emptiness in reality as everything is made up of many parts and causes which result in the creation of everything. So where is “I” now – it is not really there is it? In this way if we think of everything like this then we will not grab or want many things in this life (like bigger house, nicer car, beautiful dress and clothes) so our mind will be happier thinking in this way. If we don’t think like this our mind will want more and more which makes us unhappy if we haven’t got or lost it. So to be happy we need to think about that everything is made of parts and results from many little causes and conditions so a car is not really a car and a chocolate is not really a chocolate” Namgay.Tenzin.


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