Big box of hats and gloves arrives

Lugging a big box of warm hats and gloves up the mountain may not seem like much fun, but seeing the faces of all the monks made the effort all the more worthwhile for Lama Namgay!

On a recent trip to Phajoding’s Post Box in Thimphu, Lama Namgay was presented with a large box from Australia sent by an anonymous donor and inside were 35 pairs of high quality gloves and hats.

At the monastery, the Principal (Khenpo Chimi Dorji) sat all the monks around the box for a grand opening…anticipation was high with much speculation as to what was inside the box………. chocolates? English books? socks? jumpers? were some of the ideas mooted. See below for photos of the exciting event. Don’t you love their smiles !

……….and a very BIG thank-you from all the monks at Phajoding Monastery to the generous donor. They are all set now for the onset of the colder weather. Recent reports are that the monsoon season is ending with the mornings and evenings becoming colder.

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