A New Years message

” Dear friends,

Hope all of you are well and preparing for enjoyment for the New Year holiday.

Khenpo Chimi Dorji and I would like to wish you all A HAPPY NEW YEAR for 2013. May this New Year bring you all peace, happiness and success. And also may you all become the source of happiness for all the other sentient beings.

Friends, we celebrate New Year with having fun by giving best wishes and care to each other and having celebrations. Shortly, everyone is being happy. So I deeply wish you all have happy times for the rest of the days to come, full of compassion and concern to each other.

With this wish, I would like to say two things:

We should enjoy our holiday by having delicious meal, meeting nice people etc but we should also be aware and make this New Year celebration a reminder of impermanence of our life. Seconds become minutes, minutes become hours, hour becomes days and days become months and months become years and we travel closer and closer to death. This New Year is one year closer to our death and this previous year will never come back.

And another thing is that during such time, we think, care and wish the best for those we know but how wonderful it would be if we could think and care about other beings like poor people, suffering people and especially all the numberless animals, who need care, love and peace and attention from us. If we care for them with a compassionate mind and don’t harm them, they naturally gain peace and happiness from each of us. So please try to reduce ordering fish, meat, prawns and chicken etc.when you go to a restaurant, in order to save these animals’ lives. You probably think you are not a killer but logically the amount of meat you eat is the amount of harm and killing you are doing. The form of the body of a human and an animal are different but the desire for happiness and the aversion to suffering is completely the same. So the more we avoid eating meat the more we are saving animals’ lives and reducing suffering of innocent animals.

I think we eat meat because of the taste of the meat but if we analyse our motivation deeply, the taste we can enjoy is only when the meat is on our tongue and once it goes beyond the tongue down our throat and stomach then whatever it is, whether meat or anything is the same,we can’t taste it !! if we keep the meat on our tongue to taste for a long time many people will laugh at us – imagine if we did this !! So the taste we can feel is only for less than a minute. So what we need to solve our hunger can be solved by even bread, rice, fruit, nuts, cheese and vegetables. So try to eat meat only sometimes and focus on creating happiness rather than suffering.

May we all generate compassion for all the other sentient beings. Happy New Year 2013″.

Lama Namgay

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